Ecuador Day 5

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Off to the Galapagos today!!!!

A little word for those traveling to the Galapagos… be prepared with CASH! And lots of it. In order to get on the islands grab your $20 each customs card and then you will need $100 cash each as a park fee as soon as you arrive at the airport. You will then need $5 each cash for the shuttle and another $1 each for the ferry. At that point you will grab a taxi to head over to the other side of the island which will cost about $25.

Our hotel was on the island of the airport so we did not need any further travel, but you may to continue on if you stay on another island.

Here on Santa Cruz island, we found it very friendly, clean and filled with iguanas, crabs and sea lions lining the streets. We had so much fun being entertained by the wildlife during our dinner on the coast. We found a lovely restaurant called La Almar and they even had delicious vegan menu for me! Yumm!!!

We walked along the Melacon (boardwalk), shopped a little and enjoyed the fresh ocean breeze.

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