Ecuador Day 4

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Today we relaxed at the hotel and had a lovely lymphatic massage before grabbing a taxi to go back up to the Young Living Farm. THIS was the day I was MOST excited about. We had scheduled a live blood test reading and I was anxious to see the results.

We arrived at the beautiful new facility of the NovaVita Spa and were ready for our appointment. Since we had a little time to spare, Matt grabbed a Chamomile Facial and I did a Chocolate Facial. As soon as we finished, we were ready for our blood reading.

A little finger prick later and our blood was up on the screen. We were able to see things like cholesterol, Vitamin C deficiency, candida, congestion, heavy metal toxins and more. WOW! What a cool experience.

We ended the day back at the hotel with the Farewell Dinner as this was the completion of our Young Living part of the trip. We were completely spoiled during the week by Young Living with delicious food, wonderful accommodations, and gifts like a hand made Panama hat, lots of great oils, an alpaca wool blanket, a LifeStraw water bottle and more! THANK YOU YL!!! 🥰

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