Ecuador Day 2

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The founder of our company had a dream to build a farm and wellness center in Chongon, Ecuador. As he began developing the land and building, he would drive by a small school packed with about 40 children hungry to learn. The school was in bad shape as a facility and was too small for the amount of children in the area. So, Gary, our founder, bought an additional piece of land near the school and began building the Young Living Academy.

We were humbled to see this beautiful facility which provides education to nearly 350 children and jobs to many. The school is supported by our Young Living Foundation and sponsors, like us, that support individual children. We have been sponsoring Eduardo for over a year and were so pleased to meet him and his family.

The students work hard all year for the day that we visit. They put on a wonderful performance and then had smaller presentations around the grounds that we got to enjoy.

We had a ball playing with the kids, getting to know their stories and hearing their dreams.

Young Living is changing lives and raising leaders in this community. 100% of their students are either graduated or set up to successfully graduate and move on to college.

While there, we met little Andreas, a first grader, and couldn’t resist adding him as our newest sponsored child as well. Welcome to our family Andreas.

When Young Living says they make products for a PURPOSE not a profit… that is 100% truth! Blessed to be a part of a company with a servant’s heart.

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