Ecuador Day 1

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After registration and receiving amazing gifts such as an alpaca wool blanket, custom Panama hat and LifeStraw water bottle, we decided to explore the boardwalk and South America’s tallest Ferris Wheel on Day 1 morning. Of course, the taxi ride there is half of the adventure as there is quite a difference in rules of the road compared to the US. Personally, I think it’s super fun. I love the near death experiences. 😂

In the afternoon, we went downtown with our group to do some shopping and visit the iguana park. We had a ball holding these amazing creatures, feeding them lettuce and attempting to kiss one for good luck. 🦎

We finished off the evening with a lovely dinner with our Young Living group and were blessed by the words and heart of Mary Young. We were also introduced to our new head of the Young Living Foundation, Jackie. She is delightfully sweet, adventurous and has a passion for helping people all over the world.

The end of the evening Matt and I hung out with Greg Larsen (former head of the Foundation, now VP of West US sales) as well as Jackie. We then found ourselves riding the bus back to the hotel sharing travel adventure stories and tons of laughs.

We are having a blast.

Smiling at your from Ecuador!


Have you ever been to Ecuador? Share in the comments your experience or favorite other travel story.

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