Introducing Us

Who we actually are

Here at Allred Solutions LLC we are humbled to be leaders among leaders. We understand that it takes a team to be successful and help more people. 

Six years ago we purchased a Premium Starter Kit with Essential Oils from Young Living. At the time, the intention was to enjoy some lavender baths, but more importantly help others purchase a kit as well so that we could raise money for our adoption. We thought that a $500 goal would be an achievable amount and then we would move to a different fundraiser such as a community yard sale or car wash. Little did we know, these little bottles of essential oils were packed with properties that actually support the body in ways we never even imagined or had heard about. Once we started using the oils and our friends and family did as well, there was no stopping this new lifestyle. 

Word began to spread about these little bottles of essential oils and the movement was unstoppable. Before we knew it, we had a team of thousands of people and lives were being changed. The testimonials flooding in were life-changing and we all knew this was only the beginning.

We are so pleased to now be international team leaders and educators. Our team presents phenomenal information, has sooo much fun together, is helping people and animals worldwide and we are launching new leaders everyday who have a heart to do the same. 

We believe in a natural lifestyle that supports what God created. He has magnificently and masterfully designed us to be healthy, feel well and live a beautiful life. Today, we are exposed to massive amounts of toxins, some by choice, some not. Our bodies are being attacked, our emotions are under great stress and our thoughts are being pulled by the nano second with ads, suggestions and confusion all at the tip of our fingers. At Allred Solutions, we believe it is important to take captive our thoughts and align them with the Truth, choose natural options that support our bodies to do what they were made for, and check our emotions to revert back to a state of gratitude and joy. We are blessed beyond measure and it is our deepest desire and vision to share hope and health with anyone God sets in our path. 

Our Leaders